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Communities, Councils and a Low-Carbon Future: what we can do if governments won’t

Communities, Councils and a Low-Carbon Future by Alexis RowellIt is very easy to fall into a vicious cycle of helplessness, denial and despair over climate change and peak oil. Central government is busy setting targets they know they will never have to meet. Individuals either do not understand the seriousness of the problems or are unclear as to what they can do.

Local government can break the logjam. The idea that councils can play a significant role in saving the world is not sexy or fashionable, but the fact is they could be a big part of the solution. Local governments can think about the moral aspects as well as operational and business aspects of their communities; they have a duty of care to think about the future.

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Communities, Councils and a Low Carbon Future: what we can if governments won’t includes current examples of best eco practice from local authorities across the UK and elsewhere, as well as a look at the background to unsuccessful projects. This book is designed to inform and inspire councils and councillors, as well as local environmental activists, community groups and Transition Initiatives. Local government can be a huge driver for positive change, but not on its own. Communities need to understand what they can reasonably (and unreasonably!) ask for from local councils, and they need to know exactly what levers they can pull.

The Author: After working as a BBC journalist, Alexis Rowell was appointed Camden Eco Champion and Chair of the council’s all-party Sustainability Task Force. He has led the transformation of Camden’s Development Control Committee (Planning) which now requires every new development to install a green roof, rainwater harvesting, grey water recycling, and 20% on site renewables or CHP, and is a member of Transition Belsize. Alexis has his own eco-political blog –

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