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11 Nov 2005

Transitions, Transitions…

Louise Rooney of Transition Design in Ireland recently sent me the following links, which are a rather interesting Dutch perspective on what they call **Transition Management**. Before I give you the links, I’ll just introduce Transition Design, they are looking to build on the work that was begun with the Kinsale Energy Descent Action Plan, and are aiming to offer both Councils and communities support in developing such plans. They are also organising 2006’s Fuelling the Future conference, which will largely focus on Energy Descent Planning and designing for transition. It looks like it will be over the weekend of June 24th -25th, so keep that free in your diary. You can hear an excellent interview with Catherine Dunne of Transition Design here.

So, anyway, there are the three articles, all produced in Holland. They are “Transition Management as a model for managing processes of co-evolution towards sustainable development”, “Dutch Policies to Manage the Transition to Sustainable Energy”, and “More Evolution than Revolution – transition management in public policy”.

For me the most useful is the third one, which sets out very well what transition management is, and how transitions occur. Although it is looking at a top down perspective, it does have useful lessons for those of us trying to also design this process from the bottom up. Have a look, I hope you find them useful.

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