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12 Jun 2006

5 Great Things About the Eden Project #2. The Recycling.

eden1The Eden Project has a Waste Neutral policy on site. Its recycling is clean and efficient, and everyone is encouraged to separate their waste. This is a picture of the tray you get your dinner on, a great example of how the Eden Project uses every opportunity to pass on messages in a positive “you are part of something really exciting here” way. It makes recycling something that you just kind of find yourself doing, rather than their having to nag.

ER2They very skillfully create an atmosphere of recycling being the norm, and feed you subtle little messages about how many resources are being saved by your actions. When you arrive you don’t get big tickets, just a sticker. Your meals come on proper plates. In their food preparation in the restaurants, much of the food is prepared onsite using fresh ingredients, reducing packaging. Although they do sell some bottled fizzy drinks, you can also buy homemade lemonade by the jugful. While not yet perfect (Waste Neutral is not yet Zero Waste), a visit to Eden does send people home thinking that recycling is a natural, everyday, cool thing to do.