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14 Dec 2006

Lost in Translation – one for the Czech readers out there….

c2I just checked the stats for **Transition Culture**, to see how many visitors I get from the Czech Republic. 0.28%. They probably both know each other. Undaunted, I am still going to share with you something of which I am inordinately proud, a Czech translation of a review I wrote of David Holmgren’s Permaculture – principles and pathways beyond sustainability, which just in case you missed it is, in my opinion, the most important book of the last 15 years. The review coincides with the publication of the Czech language edition of the book, which, if you are able to read Czech, I heartily recommend (it also has a nicer cover than the English language version). May it sell by the barrel load, and may it speed the spread of permaculture in all Czech-speaking places…. . So here, in my best Czech, is my review….

***Principy a pěšiny/cesty mimo/nad rámec trvalou udržitelnost***
David Holmgren
2002,asi 288 stran

David Holmgren si staví vlastní dům,sám u

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Michael Hunt
15 Dec 6:08am

Are you sure it’s not in Double Dutch