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29 Mar 2007

Learn Cob Building (and much more) in Beautiful West Cork.

holliesThe Hollies Centre for Practical Sustainability in West Cork is running a very full set of courses, with a wider range of subjects than in previous years, and featuring, as is becoming a regular part of their calendar, the 9 Day Cob Building course with Ianto Evans and Linda Smiley. If you are interested in learning cob building, you couldn’t do better than to spend 9 days with Linda and Ianto, it is the course that has changed many lives! The Hollies is a beautiful place, and being there is an opportunity to see Thomas and Ulrike’s stunning cob house, the pizza house, the stoves, the gardens, the tree plantings, as well as learning in beautiful place. Although as one of its founder members I would say that, I really can’t recommend the learning experiences that The Hollies continues to offer highly enough, and it is wonderful to see that their education efforts are not only continuing but expanding. The full programme of events is as follows;

Saturday 26 May:
**DIY solar thermal** (ie making your own, not an installers workshop)
Sunday 27 May:
DIY micro wind and solar PV. Everything you need to know about saving energy and money
€ 90 per day, €160 if booked together Full Details…

**Stop the Ageing Process** with Frank Albrecht,
28/29 April (incl. Fri evening)
Learn about biochemical, spiritual, and energetic factors of health and ageing
€160 Full Details…

**Introduction to Cob Building** with Thomas & Ulrike Riedmuller
3 separate weekend courses 19 / 20 May | 16 / 17 June | 7 / 8 July ‘if a weekend is all you can spare…’ A thorough introduction to the world of natural building in an inspiring environment
€ 160 per weekend
Full Details…

**Moving Presence** with Claire Osborne 23/24 June
Movement, art and writing to rejuvenate and reconnect with ourselves, each other and the natural environment.
Full Details…

**The Complete Handsculpted House Course** with Ianto Evans & Linda Smiley (Oregon/US)
9 amazing days with the authors of ‘The Handsculpted House’ book. This course will teach you all you need to build a cob house (4th time at The Hollies Centre – our most popular course)
1-9 September
€ 950
Full Details…

**Efficient Stoves & Fireplaces** with Ianto Evans
11/12 September
€ 160
Rocket stoves, Rumford Fireplaces, Lorena Cook Stoves, Baking Ovens, energy efficient and built with inexpensive, natural materials – you’ll learn more about harnessing fire than anybody else can teach you (3rd time at The Hollies, absolutely stunning)
Full Details…

**Natural Paints and Plasters** with Linda Smiley
11/12 September
€ 160
The healthy methods of turning walls into magic, taught by a master plasterer from Oregon, US. Full Details…

**Getting off the Treadmill** with Ianto Evans
12/16 September
€ 160
Detailed advice that will help you to walk your talk of de-consumerising your life.
Full Details…

Discounts for early booking, group booking and work exchange (to a limited extent)

Download a booking form now!

Cob House at the Hollies Courses at The Hollies are currently hosted by Thomas & Ulrike Riedmuller and their 3 boys in and around their new cob house. With its wide range of different sustainable building techniques, examples of sustainable land use and the wealth of experience accumulated over the years The Hollies is a unique venue. Feedback from previous course participants confirms that the team of The Hollies is able to create a very supportive atmosphere with a strong sense of community which leads to profound learning experiences. The teaching methods are ‘hands-on’ learning-by-doing, interactive and student centred. All tutors are practitioners with many years of experience in their field.

Meals are always high quality, vegetarian and mostly local food. Course fees include lunch. Participants look after their own breakfast and evening meal.

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helena walsh
11 Feb 5:59pm

hey i am really interseted in coming to see your palce and also cant find any info on the courses you are offering for the next year and especiaaly the summer ,would love to know more about how one volunteers and whats happening in the hollies for the rest of the year as wouled love to plan getting some time at your place

Jon-Pat Myers
5 Aug 3:42am

I’m also interested in volunteering and am looking for info…

Niamh Synnott
6 Oct 12:22pm

Would love to hear about any cob building courses coming up soon. Regards, Niamh Synnott, Shawn Williams