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10 Dec 2007

Support Nut Tree Planting in Totnes as a gift this Christmas.

tpMany of you will be familiar with the **Totnes, the Nut Tree Capital of Britain** project that has been running for a while now, with the aim of planting as many productive trees within the town as possible, as a food security project as well as an awareness raising one. The first plantings were done with the Mayor earlier this year, and a second round of plantings has just taken place which was sponsored by the Tree Council. A big tree planting day is planned for Sunday 17th February, and we’d like to make it a really impressive scale of tree planting. We are also training people up in the community as Tree Guardians to look after them.

nnutsWe’d like to invite your help. Are you struggling to think of a Christmas gift for a friend or loved one? Do consider making a donation to Nut Tree Capital of Britain project. We’ll send a card to the recipient, with whatever message you want, and a thank you from TTT. Please help out in whatever way you can to enable the creation of a veritable nut grove next February. You can make your donation easily via PayPal here, or to use other lower-tech means, contact Teresa on 01803 863 110 or teresatotnes(at) Thanks!

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10 Dec 3:59pm

Frank did a FANTASTIC tree guardian training on Saturday for TTT. We all came away glowing with the realisation we’d just been let in on some amazing knowledge, that helped us see and understand our surrounding trees so much better. Thanks again Frank!

Anyone who loves trees and would like to be part of the Tree Guardian scheme, I guarantee you won’t regret it! A truly inspiring training and a lovely opportunity to engage with our landscape. Call or email me (details above) if you’re interested in the next training session, to be held after the February plantng.