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11 Jan 2008

Your Evening Viewing Pre-Arranged.


Good morning. I thought you might be interested to know firstly that on **BBC One’s ‘The One Show’** tonight, Lucy Siegle will be presenting a piece about Transition Town Totnes. She came down before Christmas with a crew and filmed some interviews, as well as going off round town spending Totnes Pounds. It’ll be interesting to see how the piece turns out. BBC One. 7pm.

**UPDATE** Apparently, despite it being trailed on the website, *(Lucy Siegle is in the green haven that is Totnes in Devon, to find out about locals’ latest eco-mission – to cut down their reliance on oil)* the piece about Totnes wasn’t actually shown tonight. I’ll investigate on Monday and update you.

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Scott Redding
11 Jan 7:43pm

I tuned in, and whilst Lenny Henry was good value, the piece wasn’t on. Has it been bumped to Monday?

Dave Costello
15 Feb 9:32pm

Hi Rob –
Bizarrely, I came across this excellent and informative website from picking up a leaflet about peak oil in Hereford, and the transition Hereford movement. Perhaps I’m picking up on zeitgeist vibes, but Monday – hopefully when the One show piece will be aired – is also the day of release of the new Sheryl Crow album, which features the excellent track ‘Gasoline’ , the first song by a high profile musician to be about peak oil!

Dave Costello
15 Feb 9:37pm

Apologies – just realised that the One Show news was in January! I’ve had flu this week… but peak oil does seem to be growing in people’s consciousness in quantum leaps and bounds at this time.