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19 Mar 2008

Grofun: a Quiet Urban Gardening Revolution in Bristol

Here is something you might enjoy. I am often asked what students from the Kinsale permaculture course have done in their post-course lives. Did they go off and set up hemp building companies or become comfrey millionaires, or did a career in telesales beckon? It is hard to keep tabs on where people go and what they do (although I often hear rumours of great projects), although the Permies Portal site set up by students, a kind of PermiesReunited, is a great resource for that. I do know though what Nadia Hillman, now resident of Bristol is doing, and its rather wonderful. Have a look at the film below, about her project, Grofun.

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Mike Hennessey
20 Oct 12:28am

Fantastic effort.