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15 Dec 2009

Tiny Tim Movingly Predicts Climate Change in 1967

My friend Asha just sent me this. Utterly bonkers, yet oddly (and I mean odd) prescient. History does not record the lasting impact that this performance had on the children. It is, however, a moving anthem for the Copenhagen talks, and one you can sing along to. Altogether now… “the icecaps are melting…”. Beat that, Al Gore.

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[…] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Maine Permaculture, Rob Hopkins. Rob Hopkins said: A deeply moving climate change anthem that should be being sung everywhere in Copenhagen. Altogether now…. […]

Sarah Durrant
15 Dec 6:48pm

Whooaa. Don’t watch this (i) alone or (ii) at supper time – it’ll put you off your spaghetti hoops.

15 Dec 6:57pm

What a find!Amazing!If only x factor could produce such talent…….

15 Dec 7:55pm

Far out! I wonder what those kids are thinking. He’s a bit scary, even if he is on the right track. They did know about climate change in the fifties, so maybe he was up on his reading.

15 Dec 9:00pm

Wow! A seed was well planted then and it is quite likely that those who heard it ( consciously or otherwise), and acted on it, might well be seen as odd by many today. The odd thing about Tiny Tim, is he is not odd at all.

Fred Flintstone
16 Dec 4:11pm

Aaaaahhhhh OK now it all makes sense. Al Gore took his que from Tiny Tim. This certainly confirms what a load of bunk “Climate Change” is and that we humans can do anything about it.

Brad K.
16 Dec 6:28pm

Tiny Tim, I was told, made his career originally to reproduce the voices of early 20th century – as in 1890 to 1920 – recordings. Before the bass response of later recording techniques, only tenors – with the characteristic vibrato – were popular.

His “Tiptoe Through the Tulips” originally rated an astonishing fidelity to those historical recordings. But then he got caught up as a novelty and comic act. And the strangeness earned more money, so . . .

I liked his appearances on the Smothers Brothers show, as well as his “I saw Elvis Tiptoeing through the Tulips, In my Backyard Garden Late Last Night” on the Dr. Demento radio program.

Ed Straker
17 Dec 3:14pm

Gee. I can’t imagine why nobody listened to his warning.

18 Dec 10:15am

Outrageous!!! I didn`t know if to laugh or to cry out loud. Just that I wonder if this mood of “gem├╝tlichkeit” which the music suggests really could transport the seriousness of the topic to these kids. For adults great anyway. Thanks for that!

18 Dec 4:26pm

One for [never mind the] Buzzcocks, methinks!

Green Girl
15 Feb 7:41am

Global Warming and Climate Change is the biggest environmental issue that we face these days. the long term effects of these environmental changes to a nations economy is quite damaging. there would be a shortage in food supply as well as on water supply too.