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17 Dec 2009

Open University presents two films about Transition

cclimThanks to Andrea Berardi over at the Transition Network forum for the heads-up on this one.  The Open University has just launched its Creative Climate website, and it includes two excellent films about Transition, the first one is about Totnes, and is one of the most in depth films about TTT yet done, and the second is about Transition Town Brixton, made by a member of the organisation.  Excellent films both.  Unfortunately they can’t be embedded, so pop over to Creative Climate and watch them there.   Bit chilly today isn’t it?  My fingers have only just thawed out from the ride into work.

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Eva Bakkeslett
17 Dec 10:50am

Hi Rob.
This film is brilliant! Such a shame it cannot be embedded but at least it can be shared – through facebook, twitter and networks.
Got your and Tamzins Local Food book yesterday and it looks FABULISSIMO.
Freezing in the arctic too. 14 degrees in our kitchen this morning before the logs got going. Hope the gulf stream doesn´t do a runner…
Have a wonderful Christmas.

Josef Davies-Coates
17 Dec 4:03pm

Actually, you can embed the video, they are just not making it easy.

The code for the Totnes video is:

For the Brixton video it is:

Josef Davies-Coates
17 Dec 4:05pm

Hmz, of course the code has been stripped from my comment.

To find the code press ctrl+U to see the page’s source code and then find select and copy everything from to