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9 Mar 2010

‘Two Knights in the Castle’: a Totnes jewel….


One of Totnes’s best kept secrets is cartoonist Simon French (who, trivia fans, is the son of the head of Sixth Form from when I was at school).  Every week his column ‘Two Knights in the Castle’, based around two knights sitting on the walls of Totnes Castle, grows more surreal and ploughs its own furrow.  I love it.  Here is the latest one, which you might enjoy (click on it to see it in its full glory).  You can check out his work at his blog, although I think it might be temporarily down.

Categories: Culture, Localisation

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9 Mar 11:54am

The link doesn’t work – maybe you need to add http:// in front so you CMS doesn’t think it’s a local link.

9 Mar 11:58am

Here ’tis… very cool

9 Mar 12:20pm

Thanks for that… link all fixed….

10 Mar 11:59am

I’m trying to do some work today, and thought I’d just allow myself a two-minute skim through some familar sites to see what’s new.
And then I peek through this window and see a whole playground out there with someone having FUN!

Stephen Watson
10 Mar 10:12pm

Thanks Rob – they are superb!