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16 Mar 2010

Transition Songsmiths Round the World

There have been various threads here previously about music inspired by, or to inspire, Transition.  A quick scoot about on YouTube reveals a couple of Transition-themed tunes people have posted there.  This first one, by Lala Jane Wilson (I’m guessing that’s her name), was inspired by her going to watch ‘In Transition’…  she came home, and out came this….

The second one, as far as I can tell, is from somewhere in the US, where a competition sought local bands to sings songs about Transition (would love to know more about that…). This band, the Time Spinners, who all look about 15, came up with the song below, although it is quite hard to hear the lyrics…

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Shaun Chamberlin
16 Mar 1:15pm

Fantastic! That’s perked me right up 😀

16 Mar 7:16pm

we’ve been following the transition movement.we live out in the middle of nowhere and are doing our best to live a more sustainable existence.our band has been writing songs and trying to get the message out.we love the work you are doing and if you want check us out

Tanya Potter
16 Mar 10:28pm

What a great way to spread the Transition message. We have just had WOMAD in South Australia (a world music festival) perhaps we can aim to have a Multicultural Transition Group on the stage soon!

Graham Burnett
17 Mar 10:18am

I used a song by a local band The Beatroots called ‘You Can’t Fill It Up’ for the soundtrack to the little Transition Westcliff/Southend film I made a while back because I thought it had a nice tune and wanted to support a local act who are friends, it wasn’t until I’d actually put the movie togetehr and paid attention to the words properly that I realised actually it fitted really well lyrically too!

17 Mar 10:27am

How funny Graham because I watched the video this week and thought to myself how well the lyrics fitted and that you found a local band singing them

Valerie Whitworth
17 Mar 10:29pm

The Power of music is great indeed !
I came over to the Unicorn Voice Camp two years ago, and someone there did a couple of talks about Transition Towns. I didn’t even get to the talks,but knew that it was for me, I was on a personal ‘pilgrimage to connect to my english roots.
When I returned home to Omagh, met up with a friend, who told me that she , had discovered This great movement !!!, 18 months later we are starting to see a few shoots pushing up from seeds planted last year, and it is very exciting. So , thanks to Sky….for the talk : )