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7 May 2010

The Launching of the Totnes EDAP: Part One…

Here is a short update on the first part of todays’ launch of the Totnes EDAP which I have just got back from.  I will tell the story of the first part of the day (Part 2 starts at 5pm in the Civic Hall… see you there?).

EDAP launch 1

Signs with EDAP pledges were stapled and stuck together in the TTT office….

edap launch2

…we then set off and walked up the High Street, followed up by one of the biodiesel-powered rickshaws….

edap launch3

…in the Civic Square the Totnes Town Crier read out a proclamation announcing the publication of the Totnes EDAP….

edap launch5

…the placards with pleges on were displayed for a little while….

edap launch6

… some people were especially proud of their placards!

edap launch4

… and then copies were available for sale.  Here is Jacqi Hodgson, the main co-ordinator of the Plan, showing off some copies…..

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Matt Pike
7 May 3:54pm

Fantastic to see.
Whilst today was an example of how Politics no longer serves the needs of the people,Transition Totnes remains a place where people can still move mountains and reach for the change they require

Dave Hochfelder
12 May 4:11pm

Congrats, Totnes! We’re working to get something off the ground in Albany, NY, USA, and we sure could use a Town Crier!