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3 Sep 2010

Voices of the Transition: a trailer

Here’s a short treat for a Friday afternoon, a good way to sign off for the week, a trailer for a film being made by Milpa Films called ‘Voices of the Transition’.  Looks like it is going to be rather good….

Here’s what Nils Aguilar of Milpa Films told us about the production: “it is totally independent, non commercial, passion driven and collective (as far as it is possible to involve different actors in the production process). We managed to get grants from different foundations (EU, France, Switzerland), which permits us to operate very freely, neither bound to structures, nor to political or economical doctrines… Also, our goal is to use very diverse channels to promote the permacultural, agroecological and TT propositions showcased in the movie: we would like to organize debates in schools (very important), as well as public open air projections, presentations on documentary festivals, and partly a free internet diffusion. A DVD is also going to be edited in 4 different languages (german, english, spanish, french), which will permit to show it in different other european countries”.  They are now looking for some additional funding in order to finish the film off … perhaps you might be able to help?

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Ruth Lambert
7 Sep 9:58am

I may know of a composer to “jazz up” your sound track, or are you already sorted?
Ruth Lambert