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10 Dec 2010

‘ResilientCITY’: a trailer and an interview….

A while ago I was interviewed by Gregory Greene, director of ‘The End of Suburbia’, for his upcoming film ‘ResilientCITY’.  He just posted the film’s trailer (it is still in production) and also edited bits from the interview I did with him…. so, here’s the trailer….

… and the interview….

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Joel Welty
10 Dec 8:52pm

My career background is in cooperative housing. Based on that experience, I plan now to build an affordable housing co-op with an on-site business incubator. It will provide space for each family to grow its own food. It will generate power on site, and it will support micro-enterprises of all kinds. Affordable means not vulnerable to market value booms and busts, but stable. It will be common for hobbies to become businesses. It will be resilient, sustainable and carbon-neutral. I plan to do this in the central part of Michigan’s lower peninsula.

10 Dec 11:03pm

Much looking forward to this film! Thanks for posting a link to the trailer. Glad to see you figure prominently.

Jo Homan
13 Dec 11:50am

What a great interview. At the end though it does sound a bit like you’re promising something from transition that we don’t know can be delivered.

21 Dec 8:13pm

i would love to connect with JoelWelty and his Michagan project as well as others who are looking for a trus sustainable method of creating energy for their homes or communities.
My dream is much like Joel describes so really want to talk further.
Have thoughts of buying a mobile home park and creating much like Findhorn did.
Please feel free to contact to discuss!!

Joel Welty
22 Dec 4:08pm

Mobile homes would be a problem, since global warming will be triggering more and more serious windstorms. My plans are to build townhouses — sharing party walls — made of concrete and covered with three feet of earth, down out of the wind. I tried to post a master plan of what I want to build, but this comment box won’t accept it. I will be glad to e-mail it to anyone sending me an e-mail address for the purpose.