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1 Mar 2011

Happy Birthday Transition Heathrow!

Here’s a beautiful film about what happens when Transition meets activism, brought a tear to my eye.  Happy birthday Transition Heathrow.

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Patricia Kahler
1 Mar 2:09pm

Its Great to see Communities Pull together while helping to deal with Climate Change! Its Marvelous how much you can do with a small patch!
Luv and Peace Trishwildfire

Shaun Chamberlin
1 Mar 3:46pm

Oh my, what a wonderful film – has lifted my soul 🙂

Jo Homan
1 Mar 8:06pm

“better than prozac” Classic!

Deb Thorneycroft
2 Mar 6:48pm

An amazing portrayal of what can be done when people work together. Thanks for sharing!

Patrick Cleary
3 Mar 9:39am