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13 May 2011

Transition Town Tufnell Park’s ‘Big Dig’

Here’s a lovely short film from London about a back garden make-over organised by Transition Town Tufnell Park…

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13 May 9:38am

Way to go! Thats a serious ‘Dig for Victory’
(or ‘No Dig’ if permaculture is in practice)! Thumbs up for Penny and any other tenants sharing their gardens and land and to all of you bringing it into production.
Oh well off to plant peas and beans at our ‘Knowing thru Growing’ library garden that our CSA (Community supported Agriculture) project produced for us in preparation for Neighbourhood day and our multiple school visits…who are sowing & germinating seeds for us and then onto Food Cycle for lunch…where some of us collect up waste food from the local supermarkets and cook it up into a delicious 3 course meal to be served up to the local community for £4 every friday….i feel a song coming on…”I’m in the middle of a chain reaction”
Rebecca x

Knowing thru Growing
Food Cycle
Meadow Orchard Project
Green on the Screen
Transition Crouch End

Jo Homan
13 May 12:05pm

well done Tufnell Park! Nice movie!

Ane Mari
13 May 11:19pm

Dear transition town heroes!
Below you find a petition that could help us create a sustainable future much faster:
It is about advertisement and allowing only social business or green product to be in mass media.
Here is the embeded link. Feel free to paste it anywhere it can be useful.
Thank you in advance.

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14 May 8:41am

Well done to all! Film looks great on here and love the website