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5 Sep 2012

Transition Network conference 2012 preview: No:12 – Hal Gillmore on the London Transition Tour

On the Monday following the 2012 Transition Network conference (September 17th), Hal Gillmore of Big Green Canoe will be leading ‘The Brixton/Belsize Tour’, which visits those two London Transition initiatives.  You’ll experience the Brixton Pound (arguably the coolest bank notes in circulation, anywhere), the Remakery (formerly Brixton Reuse Centre), Community Draught Busters and Brixton Energy, as well as a range of Belsize Transition happenings, including some great urban permaculture plots, such as a food garden in the carpark of a Premiere Inn.  You will need a Zone 1 and 2 Travel Card, and the whole thing is being run on a donations basis.  A fantastic and inspiring way to wind down after the conference.  Everything you need to know is here.  We asked Hal to tell us more about the tour, where it will be visiting, and what you should hope to get out of going on it: