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6 Sep 2012

Transition Network conference 2012 preview: No:13 – Dave Chapman on unlocking the potential of localism

One of the key workshops at the conference will be ‘The Potential of Localism to Unlock Transition’, which will explore the new tools now available to communities due to the localism agenda and what could be done with them.  It will be chaired by Transition Network’s Rob Hopkins and will include Frances Northrop from Transition Town Totnes and Philip Revell from Sustaining Dunbar.  It will begin with a crash course in localism, everything you could want to know about it and how it works, from Dave Chapman, Head of Social Action at Locality (formerly the Development Trust Association and BASSAC), and will include plenty of time for discussion and questions.  We asked Dave to tell us more about what he’s planning to say at the workshop:

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John Dixon
7 Sep 1:44pm

Will this be podcast at some point we here in Canada find it challanging to keep up with all this but are very interested in relocalizing and all