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1 Feb 2013

Beautiful film about Irish folk furniture

Here’s a treat for a Friday morning.  It was made by Tony Donoghue using a camera he bought on Ebay for €150 and recently took the Sundance Film Festival by storm.  A delightful way to pass 8.29 minutes.

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1 Feb 11:04am

Lovely, thanks Rob.

Annie Leymarie
1 Feb 1:02pm


jane jones
1 Feb 1:43pm

loved it! Made me smile and brightened a grey day.
Thank you.

1 Feb 1:52pm

Really lovely – makes you feel better about the world.

chris walsh
1 Feb 5:46pm

Beautiful,touching,historical,artistic……what more can I say? Good man yourself!

Trish Knox
1 Feb 9:52pm

Ahh, the simple life. Love the accents and hens. So sweet! Thanks for the uplifting post, Rob!

Seun Somolu
3 Feb 1:22am

Highly creative concept.. plus inspiring story. The commentary is amazing!

Carin Schwartz
14 Feb 10:07pm

I get “this video is private” ????