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23 Apr 2014

The impact of Transition. In numbers.


Here’s something we’d love your help with.  How can we capture the impact of Transition in numbers?  We’ve done our best with what we can find, and we’d love to know what you would add from your local initiative. Any numbers you can put to your impact? Number of meetings? Amount of funding? Amount raised in a share option? Number of carrots grown on a train station? It’s over to you.  Let us know (use the comments box below), and we’ll publish the final version at the end of the month…

The Impact of Transition in numbers 

Number of countries with active TIs


Number of Transition initiatives registered with Transition Network


Number of initiatives in Japan registered with Transition Network


Number of initiatives in Japan registered on national Japanese Transition site


Percentage of those involved in Transition who are women

58% 4

Subscribers to the Transition Network newsletter in March 2014


Subscribers to the Transition Network newsletter in January 2011


Number of people who have done Transition Training in the UK and US


Percentage of those still active in Transition 4 years after doing Transition Training


Number of UK pupils who have been involved in Transition Network’s Schools in Transition pilot

Over 3,700

Percentage of Bristol Mayor George Ferguson’s salary paid in Bristol Pounds


Number of members of the EU’s Economic & Social Committee who spent a day with their local Transition initiative

19 (all of them)

Percentage of TIs considering themselves “very” or “fairly successful”

75.7% 1

Number of times ‘Transition’ appears in UK government’s ‘Community Energy Strategy’ (2014)


Number of Transition Trainers in the world

137 in 25 countries

Number of initiatives in Brazil registered with Transition Network


Number of initiatives in Brazil registered on national Brazilian Transition site


Number of people involved in the average successful TI

189.5 1

Transition Network’s Twitter followers


Percentage of TIs that are legally constituted

64% 1

Theme most frequently tackled by TIs

Food 1

Amount raised through share launch by Transition Bath/Corsham’s community energy company (Bath & West Community Energy)


Amount West Solent Solar Co-op (set up by New Forest Transition) is seeking to raise through shares for a community solar farm


Average percentage of TI core group members who’ve done Transition Training

3 1

Turnover of 20 highly replicable Transition-oriented enterprises identified by the REconomy Project



Number of people they employ between them



Number of national Transition hubs formulating a strategy to support REconomy type activity in their country



Outside temperature that didn’t put off 100 people from attending the first ever Latvian REconomy event

20 below

Percentage of TIs who think they are “not good at diversity”

55.9% 1

Number of initiatives in Sweden registered with Transition Network


Number of initiatives in Sweden registered on national Swedish Transition site


Amount of CO2 saved per household by Transition Streets participants in Totnes

1.2 tonnes 5

Number of households in the town that took part

550 5

Amount of Google returns for the term ‘Transition Town’ (although some will also be people who live in towns and are undergoing gender realignment)


Number of times 2013 Guardian article about Transition was shared through social media

Over 10,000

Number of weeks The Power of Just Doing Stuff was No 1. In the Guardian Bookstores best sellers list


Number of times In Transition 2.0 was viewed on YouTube in its first 6 weeks there

26,000 6

Number of page views on during 12 months up to March 2013.


Number of downloads for Transition Network’s 3 recent Economic Evaluation reports


Percentage of people for whom Transition is their first experience of activism

32% 2

Number of States in the US where Transition is active


Number of languages in which In Transition 2.0 is subtitled.

22 6

Number of UK local currency schemes inspired through Transition


Bank of England’s estimate of amount of local currencies in circulation in the UK


And their estimate of the amount of Sterling in circulation

£54.2 billion

Percentage of TIs that are city-based

27.5% 3

Percentage of TIs engaged in projects around food and growing

40% 4

Number of initiatives in New Zealand registered with Transition Network


Number of initiatives in New Zealand registered on national Transition site


Number of Transition initiatives set up by local councils.

0 4

Percentage of TIs reporting “attracting wider interest” as their biggest obstacle


Percentage of TIs who have begun ‘building a bridge to local government’

83% 4

Numbers of people estimated to read each edition of Transition Free Press


Number of people attending a Transition Training in Nagymágocs, a central-south Hungarian village.

8 (should have been more but “most of the participants chose to go to a pig slaughter instead”.



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6: In Transition 2.0 is online at