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26 Oct 2014

Podcast: What good consultation sounds like


All too often our experience of being consulted on proposed new developments is a few architects drawings in a church hall and our being asked to give some feedback.  We are never then told what the community’s feedback was, the development then goes ahead pretty much as planned, and it all feels like a rather token exercise.  Atmos Totnes (which we reported on recently), has now begun its consultation. It’s doing things differently.  We asked its facilitator, Ruth Ben-Tovim to walk us through it:

Here are some photos to illustrate some of the activities Ruth mentions in the podcast:

The Atmos consultation is taking place in the former Dairy Crest site offices.  The 'Anyone Who' activity.


Community's ideas starting to gather.

The 'What could happen here?' room.

Placing peoples' memories of the site on a map.