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3 Nov 2015

"I think this is what I’d call a serious launch": launching ’21 Stories of Transition’

Yesterday we gathered with Totnes Mayor Jacqi Hodgson to formally launch our new book ’21 Stories of Transition’.  Our last publication, ‘The Power of Just Doing Stuff’ was launched into the River Dart two years ago with the previous Totnes Mayor in a boat fashioned from a pumpkin.  We did also ‘launch’ that book into the sea from Worthing Beach in a specially-made boat, but it kept coming back.  This time we wanted to take the notion of a ‘launch’ in a different way, as is captured in this video of the sombre and moving occasion.  

You can order your copy and also keep up with the 21 Stories here.  ’21 Stories of Transition’ is now shipping.  Here’s the first batch heading out the door…