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2 Feb 2017

February 2017 – Transition Newsletter

We offer antidotes to feeling daunted, such as a real example of how good can overcome hate, enthusiasm for Transition in France, local community activism in Hungary, and ‘Rooting in Tooting’.  Responding to the US election with a heartfelt call for empathy and we have insights into community change. The challenges and opportunities Dominica has could apply to many places, as do these characteristics of doing Transition in an University.

How do I know good can overcome ignorance, spite and hate? Because I’ve seen it.
A tweet moves Rob Hopkins to share a personal experience from his family’s life.

“Now you’re all here, and it feels fantastic”: 3 days in France.
Grenoble’s city government are holding a Biennale in March on the theme of ‘Villes en Transition’ (‘Towns in Transition’). Rob Hopkins was at the launch and reports back from a packed 3 day programme of talks and events in France.

7 characteristics of doing Transition in an University
Last week we published our new guide, ‘How to do Transition in your University/College’ by Maria Cooper. Today we share an excerpt from it, which sets out seven key characteristics of doing Transition in a University setting.


Inauguration Day: Kicking Against the Prick(s)
Rob Hopkins offers, through somewhat gritted teeth, some reflections on Donald Trump’s inauguration.

The New Economy in 50 words?
In the shortest blog of his life, Created for the latest edition of Stir Magazine, Rob Hopkins offers 50 words that capture the future of the economy.

Change Starts With Communities
We talk community development with Cormac Russell.


Transition Town Tooting celebrate Aviva Community Fund award
Chuck Whitehead of Transition Town Tooting shares exciting news from the ‘Gardens of Refuge’ partnership project.

A her-story of Transition Wekerle: an experience of local community activism in Hungary
Tracey Wheatley of Transition Wekerle in Hungary shares her initiative’s story.

10 keys to Transition in Dominica
Naresh Giangrande‘s final report from his recent adventures with a round up of his time spent in Dominica, and the challenges and opportunites the country has.

“I give my every waking moment to the creation of a new narrative, one rooted in possibility, imagination, care, connection and action. It’s my daily practice.”
Rob Hopkins

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