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Bio-Architecture – Javier Senosiain (2003)

**Bio-Architecture by Javier Senosiain. Architectural Press. (2003)**


The study of pattern, that is, shapes and events which occur regularly in nature, is key to sustainable design approaches such as permaculture. In his seminal ‘Permaculture: A Designer’s Manual’, Bill Mollison writes, ‘the pattern is design and design is the subject of permaculture.’ Modern society’s predisposition for straight lines and right angles, arising from an increasing disconnection from nature, has been blamed by many for the social fragmentation in Western society over the last forty to fifty years. This passionately argued book suggests that we look to nature and its patterns and forms for our inspiration rather than the more modernist industrial model that pervades nearly all modern architecture. Javier Senosiain quotes Juan Torres (1810) who said “the architect of the future will build inspired by nature because it is the most rational, the most durable, and the most economic of all methods.