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Valuable Vegetables – Mandy Pullen (2003)

**Valuable Vegetables – Mandy Pullen. Eco-Logic Books, Bristol. (2003)**


Key to the application of sustainability on a wider scale is the establishment of local food production networks, finding ways of feeding people which don’t involve supermarkets and which build on local knowledge of what grows well in the soils and climate of the area. Small scale organic growers have been helped significantly by the establishment of Farmers Markets, currently popping up around the country in the most surprising places. Another model that has proved very effective for some is what has become known as ‘veggie box schemes’, where a grower undertakes to provide a box of fresh seasonal vegetables delivered to the customer on a weekly basis.

Many small scale organic growers now focus more on generating local markets for their produce, and valuing the local over the organic, indeed a good number now eschew organic certification and its related paperwork, and instead operate along organic lines but work towards supplying a local customer base. Although many are drawn to establishing and running vegetable box schemes, very little until now has appeared in print, the closest being the excellent “Rebirth of the Small Family Farm