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World War Two Stuff

**World War Two Stuff**

These are books I have found useful so far while researching about WW2 and its relevance as the most recent example of powerdown in the UK.

Chapter 7 in Gardiner, J. (2005) Wartime:Britain 1939 – 1945. Review Books
Hammond, R.J. (1954) Food and Agriculture.
Chapter 10 in Simms, A (2005) Ecological Debt – the health of the planet and the wealth of nations. Pluto Press.
Wilt, A.J. (2001) Food For War – Agriculture and Rearmament in Britain before the Second World War. Oxford University Press
Zweiniger-Bargielowska, I. (2000) Austerity in Britain – rationing, controls and consumption 1939-1955. Oxford University Press