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An Evolving Exploration into the Head, Heart and Hands of Energy Descent

Transition Culture has moved

After eight years of frenzied blogging at this site, Transition Culture has moved to its new home. Do come and join us, but feel free to also browse this now-archived site and use the shop. Thanks for all your support, comments and input so far, and see you soon.

The ‘Heart’of Social Change

**Books Exploring the ‘Heart’ Aspect of Social Change.**

Atlee, T. (2003) *The Tao of Democracy – using co-intelligence to create a world that works for all.* The Writers’ Collective, Rhode Island.
Jones, K. (2003) *The New Social Face of Buddhism.* Wisdom Publications.
Laszlo, E, Grof, S, Russell, P. (1999) *The Consciousness Revolution – a transatlantic dialogue.* Element.
Macey, J. & Brown, M.Y. (1998) *Coming Back to Life – practices to reconnect our lives, our world.* New Society Publishing
Marx Hubbard, B. (1998) *Conscious Evolution – awakening the power of our social potential.* New World Library
Roszak, T, Gomes, M.E. Kanner, A.D. (1995) *EcoPsychology – restoring the earth, healing the mind.* Sierra Club Books
Starhawk (2005) *The Earth Path – grounding your spirit in the rhythms of nature.* Harper Collins.