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An Introduction to Baile Dulra (1997)

An Introduction to Baile Dulra – the West Cork Eco-Hamlet project (1997)

Baile Dulra Brochure One of the first things I did when we started the eco-village project that eventually became The Hollies, was to prepare a brochure that set out the vision and the practicalities of what we wanted to create. Lots of copies of this were done and it reached a lot of people. It was, as far as I know, the first document in Ireland to set out what an eco-village might look like and how it might be achieved. I don’t even have a printed copy myself, and thought it was lost to history until I found the file on an old floppy disk. I hope you find it useful. By the way, Baile Dulra is the Irish for ‘the village (or the place) of Nature’. For more on what actually grew out of this, visit The Hollies website.

Download the Baile Dulra pdf (650 kb)