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Permaculture – a new approach for rural planning (1996)

**Permaculture – a New Approach for Rural Planning: an investigation of the reasons for the success/failure of rural Permaculture projects in England and Wales to obtain planning permission. (1996)**

PC-NA This was the dissertation I did for my BSc Environmental Quality and Resource Management at UWE in Bristol. It looks at the UK planning system and how it deals with rural sustainability/permaculture projects. It takes four case studies including Hockerton and Tinkers Bubble, and analyses the reasons for their success or failure in the planning system. It was written alongside Simon Fairlie’s book “Low Impact Development”, and in fact the proposals for permaculture development criteria were reproduced in Simon’s book and went on to form the basis for what later became Chapter 7’s Defining Rural Sustainability document. It inspired some Councils to adopt some of its policies, and at the time it had quite an impact. Reviewing it for Permaculture Magazine, Michael Guerra wrote *”a ‘must-read’ for anyone thinking about a move into the English or Welsh countryside…highly recommended”*. I no longer have an electronic copy, this pdf was created by scanning in the one remaining loose leaf copy that I have. I hope you find it useful. For more up to date information on rural planning and sustainability, contact Chapter 7.

You can download it here