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I no longer blog on this site. You can now find me, my general blogs, and the work I am doing researching my forthcoming book on imagination, on my new blog.

POWERDOWN & PERMACULTURE – At the Cusp of Transition.

**Powerdown and Permaculture – At the Cusp of Transition.**
**An Article by Rob Hopkins.**

pmcoverHere is an article about permaculture and energy descent work that I wrote which appears in the Permaculture Magazine, a milestone for the magazine, its 50th issue. Many congratulations to Tim, Maddy and their team for making it this far and for providing us with such a wonderful magazine over the years. To view the pdf of the article click here.

**”Rob Hopkins asks whether the permaculture movement is capable of influencing society as a whole when the coming peak oil energy crisis bites. Or should we just head for the hills?”**