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Rates for Public Screenings

Group viewing licence costs

cinemaThe amounts cited here include the charge for the physical DVD


Payment instructions – we’re using PayPal

Movie licence options

FYI, here’s a list of transition groups that contributed footage.

We’ll be despatching the DVD from 20-Aug-09, so expect it shortly after that date.


Group viewing licence (summary)

  • The licence noted above allows you to:
    • give an unlimited number of showings of the movie in your community to unlimited numbers of people and pets
    • charge a modest admission fee to cover costs or fundraise for a non-profit group
    • … as long as the DVD used is the original
  • This licence prohibits you from:
    • making copies of the movie
    • selling on your group viewing licence
    • broadcasting or cablecasting the movie
    • using the movie contents within another broadcast or movie

If you chose to buy a group showing licence, we’ll be asking you to send us via email your agreement to a more fully worded licence arrangement. We’re working on the words to that (slowly ‘cos everyone’s on holiday), but it’ll be ready soon.


Why we’re not giving the movie awayWarAndPeace

This movie cost quite a lot of money. Not quite up there with War & Peace with its $100 million budget and 7 years of filming, but the money needs to be earned to pay back the investors and loan sharks, and we’d like a little over as start-up funding for “In Transition 2.0”.

For those groups that are reluctant to charge for the movie (and any talks or process you set up around it), it’s important to recognise the value of what you’re showing – any individual who is moved to concentrate on building personal and community resilience as a result of viewing this will be immeasurable “wealthier” in real terms. That kind of experience is worth charging for, and certainly worth paying for.