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20 Jul 2010

A Review of ‘Local Money’ by Peter North

…  is a review of ‘Local Money‘ by Jeremy over at MakeWealthHistory.   The book can be ordered here.  …  I was pleased to see the latest instalment was out: Local Money – how to make it happen in your community. It’s another big square …  preparing towns for the challenges of climate change and peak oil. What’s money got to do with it, you may well ask, but money is a …

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14 Jun 2010

My Conference – Shaun Chamberlin on Stoneleigh’s peak oil/finance talk

…  a lot of ground, starting from a good runthrough of the ‘peak energy’ situation, but quickly focusing in on finance, as she believes …  in a usefully clear way. Whereas many of the world’s money-making schemes are based on cutting the proverbial cake into smaller and …

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7 Jun 2010

‘Local Money’ Competition Results Announced

…  Seeing as it was my mistake, and that therefore strictly speaking, saying that the Bunga wasn’t a real currency was actually a correct …  whom get a copy of Pete North’s wonderful new book ‘Local Money‘.  Raymond Veermaak, Mary Loveday-Edwards, Guy Martin, Jonathan Dawson …

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24 May 2010

An Interview with Peter North, author of ‘Local Money: how to make it happen in your community’

…  North’s new book ‘Local Money: how to make it happen in your community’ will be formally launched at …  The latest book in the Transition Books series, ‘Local Money‘ is a comprehensive overview of local currencies, and how to plan and …  perhaps cause a double dip recession, or more long term as peak oil and resource crises really start to bite, Argentina’s experiences …

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11 Feb 2009

The Perils of an Economy Based on Bricks and Boutiques. Colin Hines speaks in Totnes.

…  Church in Bridgetown as part of an evening event called ‘Money, Money, Money‘.  Colin is the convenor of the Green New Deal, advisor to …

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