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Transition in 10 Objects

As part of the promotion of ‘The Transition Companion’, Emilio Mula made these 10 short films of different stories from the book.  The recent BBC series ‘A History of the World in 100 Objects’ beautifully told the story of the evolution of human history illustrated by 100 objects chosen from the British Museum’s collection. We used a similar approach to tell the story of the emerging and unfolding Transition movement, which in its short life has spread to 35 countries around the world from its humble beginnings in Kinsale, Ireland.

No. 1. A stripey jumper.

No. 2.  Bertie and Gertie.

No. 3.  Part of an old gas lamp.

No. 4. An egg.

No. 5.  Some mini-Draughtbusters.

No. 6. A bulb of garlic.

No. 7. A Transition Streets workbook.

No. 8.  A small pennant flag.

No. 9.  A small bowl of topsoil.

No. 10.  A bottle of ‘Sunshine Ale’.