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25 Sep 2006

Transition Town Totnes Turns it’s Focus Onto Food.

foodHere is some information about the next two events run by Transition Town Totnes. Following the successful launch at the beginning of September, the first aspect of relocalisation to come under focus is food. Our first event brings together three people with particular perspectives on the past, present and future of food in the area. This will hopefully serve to energise people for the first TTT Open Space, which follows three days later, which takes the form of a self-organising community think-tank on food issues. Do come along, details below.

Wednesday October 4th 8pm. St John’s Church, Bridgetown, Totnes.
*Transition Town Totnes, in association with the Totnes Sustainability Group and Totnes Museum presents;*
**Feeding Totnes – past, present and future.**
**Guy Watson** of Riverford Organic Farm.
**Helena Norberg Hodge** of the International Society of Ecology and Culture and author of *’Ancient Futures’* and *’Bringing the Food Economy Home’*.
**Mary Bartlett** – Dartington horticulture student in the 1960s.

An evening exploring our changing relationship with food. How did Totnes feed itself before the advent of cheap oil and industrial agriculture, and what might we learn from that that will be of use to us in a future of rising energy prices. What might the concept of food security mean to Totnes? What local foods have we forgotten, and in what ways are people today reconnecting with local foods? Also explored will be what the future of food production might look like.

Saturday October 7th. 10am. – 4pm. Totnes Civic Hall. Free.
**How Will Totnes Feed Itself Beyond the Age of Cheap Oil? An Open Space day.**

A community think tank exploring how Totnes might supply its food needs in a more food constrained future … ideas and thoughts raised will be central to forming the food chapter of the Energy Descent Action Plan…. bring your ideas, inspiration, experience and passion.