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29 Sep 2006

We’re Back… And the Winner Is….

ccWe’re back! After two days of webwierdness **Transition Culture** is back up and atcha. Victims of our own success, we used up all our bandwidth and had to decant elsewhere. We are averaging over 1500 visitors a day now, and our old host just could’t cope. Anyway, all is well now. OK. Down to business. Competition winners. Last week we held our fantastic **Transition Culture** “Win a Copy of the Atlas of Climate Change” competition, and it is now my honour to reveal the winners. They are;

**Hannah Mulder** from Totnes and **Mark Jenkin** from Bracknell. Well done.

The two fictional IPCCs were Imelda Pinkerton’s Chorus Choir and the Inspired Peakists’ Collapse Club. The moral of the story? Avoid the initials IPCC for any new organisation you might feel compelled to start, they are somewhat overused. Thanks to everyone who entered (including those who got it wrong), to Google for helping me to find our how many IPCCs there really were, to Earthscan for the books, and to the winners.

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29 Sep 4:26pm

Good to see you back Rob, and I’m pleased to see your readership growing!