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12 Feb 2007

Book Review – Rocket Mass Heaters – Ianto Evans & Leslie Jackson

**Rocket Mass Heaters – Super efficient Woodstoves you can build (and snuggle up to).
Ianto Evans & Leslie Jackson. Cob Cottage Publications 2006. 100pp.**

cover **Reviewed by Graham Strouts.**

Ianto Evans, ecologist, architect, writer and inventor, presents a revolutionary stove design of his own invention, the rocket mass heater or “Rocket Stove

Categories: Energy, Natural Building

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Graham Strouts
12 Feb 5:55pm

There is an updat on this re. the rocket stove at the college on my blog (just scroll down a couple of posts). It has been working well- and keeps the heat impressively- but I have to report today that the blustery weather resulted in constant “blow-back” of smoke into the room. When going well, it is brilliant, but we have to find a solution to theb flu pipe outside- already cost us 300euros (more than the rest of the stove in total!) but ideally needs to be well above the roof of the building. Has anyone else got any ideas on what we could do?

22 Feb 9:37am

Hi Graham,

We have the same problem (smoke blowback in high winds) in our house in northern Spain, with a chimney that goes well above the roof level.

Solutions? We’re thinking about putting in a venturi-type smoke fan, but that’s also quite expensive. Or just don’t light the fire in very windy weather…


23 Feb 10:16am

I forgot to mention that we don’t have a rocket stove but an open Rumford-type fireplace. I guess the problem of smoke blowback is common to most woodburners.

Chris Kinter
3 Mar 6:45pm

I was working on a cob house at Wounded knee South Dakota last Summer. The wind out their makes it real tough to have a wood stove and blow back could be a real problem. Having been an observer all my life I was reminded about a fitting many older homes have on their chimney pipe on the old summer kitchens. The fitting would swivle and as the wind blew the wind always kemp the pipe facing away from the wind. The Amish may be the only people who offer this type of pipe fitting.

Just a thought.


Phil Hughes
24 Oct 10:26am

After 30 years of wood burning,the best results are gained by burning dry wood.If wood is the only fuel used,you need a lot of storage space,in my case two areas of 16ftX12ft by 8ft high.One area containing dry wood the other wood to be used next year.

21 Jan 10:50pm

in reguards to the smoke back problem the way i fixed it was to add a chimeny cap.

here in portland oregon we just had a wind event that was gusting to 6o mph and our stove didnt smoke back at all.