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27 Mar 2007

Concerned Musings on Plymouth’s Mini-Heatwave

sunbathe At risk of sounding like an eco-misery guts (moi?) I must just share my sense of something not being quite right as I find myself walking around in Plymouth in a t-shirt, sweating, passing children playing in fountains, others eating ice creams, and hundreds of people lying on the grass sunbathing… and its not even April yet. I realise I should be able to switch off and revel in the glorious unseasonal weather, but I can’t help feeling something’s not right. My mind goes back to family holidays as a child in April in Devon, where cold and rain was commonplace, and the odd bit of sun was a nice treat. Then, unsettled weather was the norm, now we have unsettling weather, and I’m not sure which I prefer…

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28 Mar 12:40pm

I live in Brighton and we have had the warmest of winters and the most ridiculously hot March (broken only by 5 days of cold). I got sunburnt yesterday working my allotment with my shirt off.
Scientific data obviously has a time lag and I can’t help but feel that the IPCC report and many others have yet to catch up with the rate of warming I have noticed over the last year. I fear that 2006/2007 will be seen as the time the climate really began to change (not to mention oil peak).
Because of this I have noted down a few observations over the winter and was wondering whether anyone else has kept any such diaries. I think it would be very interesting for people to record climate related observations during the next few years. Here are a few of my entries:

5th Nov 06
Butterflies and ladybirds.

25th Nov 06
lots of ladybirds and hot sun, painting house in t-shirt.

4th Dec 07
Friend saw red admiral butterfly

31st Jan 07
Daffodils and Crocuses flowering

25 Feb 07
Bumble Bee on Rosemary
Frogs spawning in pond
Bluebottles fly outside

12 March 07
Hot sun, sweating on allotment in tshirt planting potatoes in warm soil with buterflies and bees buzzing round.

14th March 07
Swam in sea in glorious sun, water still cold but sunbathed on beach in shorts to dry off afterwards.