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27 Mar 2007

Kinsale Further Education College Online.

kfecPeople often ask me about the 2 year Practical Sustainability course at **Kinsale Further Education College**, the fulltime permaculture training I set up in 2000 which, among many other things, gave birth to the Kinsale Energy Descent Plan. While I was working there there was never a website for the college, but now there is, and it gives you a very good idea of what is on offer there and as well as giving a nice feel for the spirit of the place. So, if you are thinking that a 2 year full-time permaculture training sounds like the thing for you, have a look at the website, Kinsale is a beautiful place to spend a couple of years changing your life!

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Hello Rob, etc.
Quick note: Please keep us updated on your progress at the college.
We’d like to hear what interest there is in the ‘energy descent’ courses and so on.
Good wishes,
Rosalind Fanning
The Local Planet, Ireland’s Journal on Sustainable Living