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26 Mar 2007

The 10 First Steps for a Transition Town Initiative Become 12.

12**The 10 First Steps for a Transition Town Initiative** have become what we refer people to when they ask how to do a Transition Town, but as they are applied and tested in different places, inevitably the need for certain additions and refinements emerge. Therefore, I would now like to redefine them as the **12** First Steps, and add a new one on the beginning and one on the end. Today I am going to introduce the new first one, which now goes at the beginning of the series.

**#1. Set Up a Steering Group and Design Its Demise from the Outset.**

Bill Mollison once said “I can’t save the world on my own, it’ll take at least three of us

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Geoff Trowbridge
29 Mar 12:22am

Rob, have you ever thought of seriously documenting the ongoing process of Transition Town Totnes? Whether through video or pictures or a written journal or a combination of several, I think that would really be a fantastic thing to do, especially as you’re doing stuff that is PROVEN to work in real life situations, not just theories being put forth. There is an American group, out of Northern California, called Peak Moment Television, and they’ve been going to all sorts of different projects and community groups that are working on Relocalization/Energy Descent, and taking documentary films of these events. Then they broadcast these documentaries, which have become the titular “channel” of sorts, on a growing number of community access channels across the U.S. And if you can’t get your local community-run TV people to show it, the Peak Moment people are putting every one of the pieces they do on DVD and offering it for sale. Really, really great- sort of the Revolution will be televised this time, eh? Anyway, just an idea for your work and other work throughout England, since as you’ve probably seen by now, its as much if not more about the process as it is about the projects, and documenting that process would really help in both teaching other folks getting started on this stuff and generally spreading the word that this movement is real and gaining ground, as well.
cheers, Geoff

[…] This process normally involves going through the following 10 steps (now 12 steps, see here): […]

[…] More detailed descriptions of the original 10 Steps (2-11 above) are here, and the new 1 is here. […]

[…] More detailed descriptions of the original 10 Steps (2-11 above) are here, and the new 1 is here. […]