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18 Apr 2007

Telling the Story of Energy Descent.

ttThis Saturday we are holding a rather interesting event in Totnes. **The Transition Tales Scrapbook Creation Day** aims to engage the storytellers and the creative thinkers in the first stage of an initiative we call ‘Transition Tales’. Here is the blurb from the poster…

“Calling All Writers, Poets, Creative Thinkers, Dreamers, Storytellers and Wordsmiths! The Transition Tales Scrapbook Creation Day is to be held this Saturday 21st between 10am and 2pm, at the Methodist Church Hall, Totnes. Come and join us in writing articles from the future, that describe imagined future events between now and 2030.

The articles will be edited to look like real newspaper clippings, stuck into a scrapbook ‘from the future’, and used to inspire inquisitiveness in the local children we are to be holding workshops with in May. We would particularly encourage those creative and imaginative writers amongst you (whether you hold known or hidden talents!) to come along and put yourselves in the roles of future journalists. It would be helpful if you could bring laptops along if you have one, but if not paper and pens will work just as well, (provided your writing is legible!). We look forward to seeing you there – refreshments will be provided. If you have any questions then do please contact Tamzin at, or on 01803 840926.

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