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22 May 2007

Moving House… Taking a Short Break.

moving We are in the process of moving house, so other than blather on about cardboard boxes and the things you find down the back of the sofa when you start rummaging about, my head is not quite able to focus on writing the usual scintillating material to which you have all become so accustomed. In the interest of focusing on the moving process, I am going to take a break from posting here until after the Transition Network meeting in Nailsworth, which I will write about here hopefully in some detail. Until then, take care, and wish me well… hopefully I can get through the movng process without doing my back in!

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David Johnson
22 May 9:31am

Hope that all goes well with the move Rob.

Nadia Hillman
22 May 10:45pm

moving far? good luck with it. love nadia

23 May 9:05am

Just down the road, not far at all!

Steve Pritchard
29 May 10:06am

Rob, Hope your move has been enjoyable. We too are moving… mid-terrace for energy conservation, perfectly orientated for solar gain, 300 foot garden for reduction of food inches, community of kids for Theo and a fantastic view of the sewage farm for those of us with a technical interest in such things.

We are about to put a link on our website to your fine site and if you would like to reciprocate great. Blessings on all you do.