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4 Jun 2007

A Date for Your Diary – Food and Farming in Transition – June 11th.

**Food & Farming in Transition: The Renaissance of British Food Culture as the Age of Easy Oil Draws to a Close.**
**The Great Hall, Dartington. Monday 11th June, 8pm.**

dtOne of the highlights of the Transition Town Totnes calendar of events for 2007, indeed one of the most important events we have yet run, takes place at the Great Hall, Dartington on the evening of June 11th. Entitled **Food and Farming in Transition**, it is an exploration of how agriculture might adapt to an energy constrained world, and the opportunities as well as the challenges that it faces. The evening brings together 4 speakers who have all featured on **Transition Culture** at various times, Chris Skrebowski, Jeremy Leggett, Patrick Holden and Vandana Shiva. We are delighted to be able to bring you this event in association with Dartington Arts and Ecology. Tickets are now on sale from the Dartington Box Office.

Here is the information from the promotional flyer;

“The average British family requires 10 barrels of oil a year in order to feed itself, yet as we enter a new energy world, it is time to pause and rethink. What might a post-carbon agriculture look like? How might we move towards it? Does it offer the potential of an unprecedented renaissance for food and farming in the UK? Food & Farming in Transition is a landmark evening, bringing together four of the leading thinkers on oil depletion and on new directions for farming in the UK: **Chris Skrebowski**, editor of Petroleum Review and a leading expert on peak oil; **Jeremy Leggett**, author of Half Gone and director of renewable energy company Solar Century; **Vandana Shiva**, campaigner for localisation and biodiversity, will present the voice of the developing world; and **Patrick Holden**, director of the Soil Association. The evening will be chaired by Rob Hopkins of Transition Town Totnes”.

Tickets £5.00, concessions £4.00. Dartington Box Office 01803 847070