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7 Jun 2007

Cob Building – an Opportunity to Get Mud Between Your Toes.

cobnMy friends Paul and Ivana are building a house round the corner from where I live, but not just any old house. They are building what I think is the town’s first new cob house for many many years. It is going to be a very striking and beautiful building, and it is already gathering a lot of interest from neighbours and passers by, with its undulating foundations and beautiful stonework. They have been planning this house for quite a while, and part of the process involved going out to The Hollies to see the cob buildings there. They are just nearing the end of building the foundations, which look gorgeous, undulating up and down around the building. They are also up for people lending a hand with the cob building…

They will soon begin the cob building process, and any offers of assistance would be much appreciated. Cob building as part of a team is one of the most delightful activities you could take part in. If you want to help out contact Paul at They are keeping an online Building Diary of progress as it unfolds.