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6 Jun 2007

Totnes Pound Press Generates Press Frenzy!

bbcttp**The Totnes Pound** pilot drew to a close a couple of days ago, and since then, the amount of press interest has been amazing. There was a piece on the local BBC TV news, and a piece on their website, where you will find a link that allows you to watch the TV news piece. That then stimulated requests for interviews from Radio 5 Live, a range of local BBC stations, and even some overseas media. I did a short piece for the Stuart Maconie show yesterday afternoon. People are genuinely fascinated by the idea, and keen to find out more about the planned relaunch, set for sometime in the next couple of weeks.

A couple of bloggers have picked it up too. Dave at Global Suburb was full of praise for it, while Futurejacked seems to think it all a bit naive and only a matter of time before it gets come down on like a ton of bricks. It is interesting also to note that the Totnes Pound has made it onto the hallowed pages of the Totnes entry on Wikipedia! Phase Two, where the notes are purchased into circulation, will be launched sometime over the next couple of weeks.

tttfeI was walking in London yesterday and saw the establishment in the photo on the right (taken on my mobile), which I hope, with all this Transition Town Totnes local money thing taking off, isn’t a premonition of the future!