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11 Jul 2007

A Wedding in the Sun

weddingThis weekend I was married, and very lovely it was too. After the wettest June on record, the clouds parted over the 3 days of the wedding and ensuing celebrations, and then closed again this morning. It was altogether extremely magical; friends, music, sunshine, football and dancing, accompanied by local food and wine, and a stunning cake. We held it in a youth hostel near Totnes, which we got to by all going up the river on a boat (part of our efforts to reduce the carbon footprint of the whole thing), which made for a magical beginning, heading up the River Dart in the sunshine. Thanks so much to everyone who came and to everyone who sent kind words and blessings. Married life is very pleasant so far! I thought you might like to hear the last bit of the speech I did as the groom…

As the beginning I talked about how I do a lot of public speaking, but speaking at your own wedding is much more intimidating, and that although I usually talk about peak oil, I will try very hard to not lapse into it.

I then thanked everyone who made it happen, and at the end finished by saying,

>”when we first met, I didn’t know that my wanderlust and desire to travel had just peaked and gone into a terminal decline. The early months of our relationship were marked by enormous new discoveries of passion and lust… while these early production rates can be hard to sustain, they have remained relatively constant over the years. Our childbearing peaked around the year 2000, my hairline has, I fear, gone into a terminal decline from which it will never recover, and analysis of recent data from my waistline suggests that it is similarly entering a relentless decline. One thing that is certain however, my love for this beautiful, funny, delightful and wonderful woman, who I was lucky enough to makde my wife today, is something that will never, ever peak”…

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Ben Brangwyn
11 Jul 8:36am

As one of the lucky and privileged guests, I can confirm that it was a total delight. The food, the company, the location, the footie, the music and merriment, the ceremony and the overall ambience were absolutely wonderful.

Mebbe Rob will post a foto of the cake – there was an amazing likeness of the loving couple on the top tier, expertly moulded from marzipan, complete with glasses (on Rob) and Totnes Pound peeking out of his top pocket.

Gareth Doutch
11 Jul 9:07am

Congrats Rob… And trust you to make a speech like that!

Best wishes to your wife and family, and of course, your good self!

Chris Vernon
11 Jul 3:37pm

Congratulations to the both of you! Sounds like you had a wonderful day and I wish you every happiness for the future, whatever it may hold.

Jason Cole
11 Jul 6:21pm

Congratulations to you both. Good luck!

Stephen Watson
11 Jul 9:48pm

The very best to both of you and many, many years of inspiration, joy and love.

Cliona O Conaill
12 Jul 12:14pm

Congratulations and wishing you much love and happiness in your lives together. I’m so glad you had good weather. Great and beautiful speech Rob. Thanks for being so inclusive. Love from Cliona

Mark O'Sullivan
12 Jul 3:59pm

Warmest congratulations to Emma and yourself – wishing you many years of continued happiness.

13 Jul 9:11am

That’s just brilliant, Rob. Congratulations. 🙂

16 Jul 6:06pm

thanks to youself, Emma, the boys and all those wonderful people i met. it was well worth the journey from cork. keep well.

Caz Jeffreys
17 Jul 1:53pm

Yippeeeeee….So sorry to have not been there. Really looking forwards to crossing the water and seeing you all again soon. Until then, loads of love xxxx

Markus Hohmann
19 Jul 10:42pm

What a surprise! And a very pleasant one indeed! Congratulations and greetings from West Cork, dear Rob and Emma, many many blessings and eternal happiness wishing you Markus