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10 Aug 2007

Let’s Try That T-Shirt Competition Thing Again….

potsHmmm. Well, so far, entries for our wonderful Greenfibres peak oil t-shirt competition have been exactly zero, I thought we’d try again. Clearly thinking up t-shirt slogans didn’t capture the imagination, and I so desperately want to give away two of these t-shirts because they are quite wonderful. So, here is an entirely different competition, consider the previous one closed. In order to enter the draw to win a t-shirt, I’d like the correct answer to the following question by next Friday at 10am please, that’s Friday 17th August.

Question. Richard Heinberg, author of ‘The Party’s Over’ and ‘Powerdown’, is writing a new book, due out soon, but what is it to be called? Is it;

a. “Head for the Hills – the survivalist guide to energy descent”.
b. “Awash – why there is more oil in Colorado than the entire Middle East”
c. “Peak Everything”
d. “The Oil Vulnerability of the Beckham Phenomenon”
e. “Peak Oil Panic and Hysteria – a social study”
f. “The M.King Hubbert Code – the future of civilisation as revealed through the code encripted in the writings of the peak oil legend”.
g. “Britney Spears: my part in her downfall”.

Answers by email please, to robjhopkins (at)

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Jason Cole
10 Aug 9:22pm

That’s funny, I sent you an e-mail…..