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10 Sep 2007

Heads Down for a Final Draft…

writerPostings at **Transition Culture** will be somewhat sporadic over the next week or so as I am heads down trying to complete the manuscript of the book I am writing in order to get it into the editor in a few weeks. The working title is **Small is Inevitable: The Coming Transition from Oil Dependency to Local Resilience** and it will be published by Green Books early in 2008. Given that it is a fairly labour-intensive old process I will be cutting back on posting here (you’ll be glad in the long run!). I’m off to ASPO 6 in Cork soon though, and will post some reports from there. In case you are interested, I am speaking at ASPO6 on the Tuesday afternoon, and am speaking in Bantry in West Cork that evening with Albert Bates, Davie Philip and Gregory Greene, and then in Bristol at the Soil Association AGM on Saturday 29th September.

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Josef Davies-Coates
19 Sep 12:32pm

Can’t wait to read it! Good luck with getting it all sorted 🙂

(ps I promise to sell lots of copies once its out too! 🙂 )

Josef Davies-Coates
19 Sep 12:37pm

PPS – any chance of a sneak preview?

Also, as regular wholesale a customer of Green Books I’ve spoke to John about giving PDFs away and think it’d be great if your book was released as a PDF too (Ecology of Money, Ecology Begins at Home etc are all available as free PDFs which is fantastic).

When I spoke to John about this he agreed that giving away books as PDFs does paradoxically it does seem to help with sales too.

Perhaps release it under a Creative Commons licence like the excellent book Do it Yourself: A handbook for Changing our World published by Pluto.

Stephen Watson
19 Sep 5:47pm

Oh no – another book to read! … but then maybe I’ll just ask our local library to get in 1,000 copies 🙂