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30 Oct 2007

Competition! Win 2 Tickets to See Richard Heinberg in London!

hbBeen a while since we had a competition, so here goes. Unfortunately it is not one of interest to everyone, as you have to be able to make it to London on November 22nd in order to make use of the prize. We are giving away two tickets to Richard Heinberg’s talk, **”What Will We Eat When The Oil Runs Out?”**, which is this year’s Soil Association Lady Eve Balfour Memorial Lecture, to be delivered on Thursday 22nd November at Central Westminster Hall, London at 6pm. To avail of your two tickets for this landmark event, simply answer the fiendishly difficult question below.

Richard Heinberg publishes a monthly bulletin in which he explores his thinking on peak oil and related issues. A collection of some of these form the core of his new book Peak Everything. What is the name of this bulletin? Is it;

1. The Schmoozeletter
2. The Heinberg Herald
3. Richard’s Rants
4. Richard Heinberg’s Words of Wisdom in a Time of Gross Stupidity
5. The Museletter
6. Fiddling While Rome Burns
7. The Gooseletter
8. The Mooseletter
9. The Bruceletter
10. The Papooseletter.

Please email your answers to robjhopkins (at) before 10am on Monday 12th November. The first person drawn out of a rather elegant hat will bag the tickets. May the best **Transtion Culture** reader win!

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1 Comment

30 Oct 8:56pm

Come on, I know it’s the “You-snooze,-you-lose-letter”. 😉 Anyway, may the best person be drawn out! I won’t be entering. Monsieur Heinberg is practically a neighbor of mine, as it happens.