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31 Oct 2007

Zero Carbon Britain: Paul Allen and Tim Helwig-Larsen in Totnes tonight.

pa(**This is the press release for tonight’s event in Totnes.**)

This year’s Nobel Peace Prize was won by Al Gore for his work on climate change, a compelling example of how rapidly the issue has gone mainstream. Around the world, scientists, policy makers and business leaders are grappling with the climate challenge, namely, how can we reduce our emissions of carbon in as short a time as possible? Earlier this year, the Centre for Alternative Technology (CAT) in Wales, Europe’s leading eco-centre, published ‘Zero Carbon Britain’, its bold plan for reducing the country’s emissions to zero within 20 years.

In the 1970s, CAT produced an alternative energy strategy for the UK. Thirty years on they have revisited it and the resultant document is a visionary yet practical look at the nation’s options. Their nationwide strategy involves a mixture of innovative energy conservation methods and a massive increase of renewable energy generation. They argue that nuclear power is not necessary, that provided we can reduce our consumption by 50%, the rest can be generated by renewable.

Paul Allen, director of CAT and Tim Helwig-Larsen, co-authors of ‘Zero Carbon Britain’ will be in Totnes on October 31st, and their talk is a great opportunity to gain some insights and clarity into how the UK can go about achieving this. The talk is organised by Transition Town Totnes, the group exploring how Totnes can prepare for life after oil, and as the group starts work on its own such plan for the town, this event provides timely and vital ideas for anyone interested in energy use, carbon emissions, and reducing our environmental footprint.

“The Zero Carbon Britain Strategy is an inspiration to all who are grappling with the challenge that climate change is bringing our world,” comments Sir John Houghton, former UK Met Office Director General. Some of the evening will be spent exploring the relevant lessons that can be taken from the report and applied here in Totnes on a local scale.

Transition Town Totnes are delighted to present Paul Allen’s evening talk, Zero Carbon Britain: an Energy Descent Plan for the UK, which is on Wednesday 31st October at St John’s Church, Bridgetown, Totnes, at 8pm. Tickets will be £4 (£3 concession). Totnes pounds are accepted at this event.

For more information please contact Lou or Jill at the TTT Office, 43 Fore Street, Totnes, on 01803 867 358. The website address is

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